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I Am Essence Designs & Interiors, Est. 2013

Greetings I'm Essence Smith

South Florida native with a multifaceted background in the Arts, Beauty & Design. At a young age I quickly learned braiding and hairstyling, drawing and painting, spending a lot of time alone in my own thoughts and imagination sparked my ingenuity. Being naturally gifted and artistic got me noticed for small art programs, exhibits and more in my home town. Gaining those hand on experiences enthused my passion to create and be a positive inspiration in the world. Bringing your ideas to life, while helping you embrace your essence. Being the end to generational curses and creating a positive outlook in our community inspires me to not only want change but be apart of the positive change in the world by any means necessary. Living by the quote "I may not change the world but let me inspire someone that will". T. Shakur


Providing Original Fine Art, Soulful Beauty & Creative Designs entirely crafted by hand.
Exclusively tailored Paintings, Decor and Designs. 
Creating the vibe you really want and need in any space and time.


Featured Showcase

Completed Commission 12.20
Commission Art
Art for Sale
Braid Style
Love Locs
Love Locs
Love Locs
"Eye Don't Care" Illustration
Event Decor
Sold Art
Art on Canvas
Sold Art
Sold Art
Graphic design
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